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November 2016 - Words on Wealth
  • Employee Benefits,  Investing

    Why Investment Fees Matter

    Do you have an extra $186,000 lying around? If I told you you could have $186,000 more in your portfolio after 30 years by simply by reducing your investment expenses, would you be interested? I would! When it comes to investing, fees matter. Whether you invest with an advisor, do-it-yourself or invest exclusively in a company retirement plan, the fees you pay to invest your money directly affect how much you end up with over time. You should always be able to easily tell what you are paying to invest your money. This article will explain some of the reasons why mutual fund fees matter to your bottom line. Index…

  • Kids and Money

    Teaching Kids to Handle Money

    Kids and money. For most of us this probably brings up memories of spending the majority of your allowance on candy. Or that really proud parent moment when your kid threw a fit in Target because you wouldn’t purchase them a $45 Lego set...No? Just me? A 2013 University of Cambridge study showed that kids learn most of their money habits by age 7. So how do we teach kids to make good financial decisions?  Money Grows On Trees Let’s start with one simple premise: kids literally think money appears out of thin air. Why shouldn’t they? Think about it - they don’t see you work (unless you work at…

  • Budgeting

    Change your mind about budgeting, change your life

    That may seem like a bold statement, but I truly believe it. Everyone squirms when talking about budgeting. People tend to talk about budgets as if they were all about depriving yourself of fun. Really though, budgets are not the carb-free diet you are imagining. While budgeting does typically mean spending less money in a few areas, it also means using that money on things that really matter. That’s why I like to refer to budgets as spending plans. Find out how changing your spending plan to reflect your values can reduce conflict in your relationships over money, help you to ignore your lizard-brain telling you to spend now, and…

  • Budgeting

    How to Easily Create a Spending Plan

    Image by FirmBee Did you know that money is a leading cause of stress in Americans 1? Even if you didn’t, I’ll bet you aren’t too surprised. One of the basic building blocks to success with money is knowing what we spend. The word budget tends to invoke some negative thoughts in people, such as, a fear of failure. As in, I don’t want to create a budget because I don’t want to “fail” by accidentally spending too much. That’s why I like the term “spending plan.” A plan is flexible. A plan can be customized and changed on the go if necessary. Having a plan is powerful. Want to create a…

  • Employee Benefits

    How to Make the Most of Your Employee Benefits

    Chances are that every year you get a packet from your HR department telling you it’s time to sign up for your employee benefits for the next year. Which you promptly recycle. Many people do not fully understand how to take advantage of their employee benefits. As a result, employees leave some good options on the table. Don’t be like most people! Your employee benefits can be a great opportunity for you to improve your wealth health. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your employee benefits.Health Insurance  Which health plan is the best for you really depends on how often you go to the…