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July 2017 - Words on Wealth
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    3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Can Save Time!

    Guest Post from Stephen Reh of Reh Wealth Advisors! I would like to thank Lauren Zangardi Haynes, CIMA, CFP® for inviting me to write an article this month. Lauren and I were discussing challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners and ways to overcome those challenges. Entrepreneurs often cringe at the thought of expense reports, income statements, balance sheets and taxes. While these documents are critical to securing financing for future growth, entrepreneurs are looking for the least painful ways to provide good data to their banks and tax preparers. With the rare exception of some accountants, their passion often lies in other areas and to be perfectly honest, the…

  • Employee Benefits

    Do you have kids? Do you have an FSA?

    Holy cow, medical expenses can eat you alive when you have kids! A lot of people feel nervous about using the flexible spending account that their employer offers. I love flexible spending accounts as a way to save for your ongoing medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. They work really well if you have certain medical expenses you always need - such as contact lenses or a monthly prescription. Or if you have kids who always seem to need random medical care...While these aren't designed as long-term savings vehicles some employers do allow you to roll-over a small amount of money from one plan year to the next. Read your benefit…

  • Budgeting,  Cash flow

    5 Ways to Save More Money!

    I get it, having kids is not exactly conducive to saving money. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you can spend an unlimited amount on your kid’s 2nd birthday party thanks to Pinterest. Forget saving for college! Today I’m going to share with you 5 ways I save money, despite having kids. You can start using these ideas today to get a handle on your money. Tip #1 to Save More Money: One card to rule them all We use just one of our credit cards and we put as much of our spending as possible on it. Then we pay it off every month. Generally, there are only a…