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Building Long-Term Financial Freedom for Solopreneurs

financial freedom

As a solopreneur you want to build long-term financial freedom, but there are so many options it's hard to know where to start. Solopreneurs have a lot of choices when it comes to their long-term financial freedom savings (formerly known as "retirement"). Small business owners can use IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Solo-401(k)s (among other options) for their own savings.

In this post I wrote for AthleteBiz I go over three of the most common account types and when you should consider choosing them. I also share some critical questions to ask before you set up a 401(k) plan with a custodian. The cheapest 401(k) plan provider is not always the best.


Interested in learning more about SEP IRAs? I wrote an article for InvestWithSteve breaking down SEP IRAs for you here.

Want to become a savvy-investor but need some knowledge on stocks vs. bonds? What is an Asset and how can I get one? Was written for you!

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