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How to KonMari Your Spending

Declutter Your Finances Using the KonMari Method

The Magic Art of Tidying Up

I love Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing." I'll be honest, my home is still a little cluttered but I do periodically go through and try to pare down my belongings. I just went through my old work clothes this week. Wow. There were a lot of items I felt I "needed" to hold on to "just in case" that in reality, I never wear anyways!

Did you know that you can use the same KonMari method to "declutter" your spending? We all spend money on things, food, and experiences that really don't bring us lasting joy. In fact, sometimes our spending is in direct conflict with the things that we say are most important to us. How can we use KonMari to pare down our budget? Start by reviewing your credit card and bank account statements while asking yourself the simple question "does this spark joy?"

Find out how this simple process can be applied to your finances to help you get a handle on your budget!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Was this helpful? Is there something you immediately know you want to cut out? Perhaps there's something you spend money on that brings you a lot of joy! Would you spend more in that area?

How to Kon-Mari Your Spending

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  • Carl Zangardi

    I liked the theme
    Spending is critical to long term success and being able to delay gratification goes a long way towards financial success

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